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Dear Friend,

If  you are interested in creating an amazing income stream every single month by simply selling high-quality, IN-DEMAND, information products on the Internet (or even old fashioned mail order) from the comfort of your own home without ever having to speak to anyone, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  

In a past issue of my newsletter, I wrote about Brian Keith Voiles' "Advertising Magic Home Study Course."

As you may know, Brian is one of the country's most sought after direct-response copywriters and the author of the critically-acclaimed "Advertising Magic Home Study Course." (Brian has written ads and sales letters for me, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Yanik Silver, and many other marketing gurus.)

I've been selling Brian's "Advertising Magic Home Study Course" to small business owners and the sales of his Course have been phenomenal!

In addition to off-the-chart sales… customers are telling us that "Advertising Magic" is THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING they've ever seen on how to create hot ads and sales letters for their business! In short...

"Customers Are Going Bananas Over This Course!"

Now, let me tell you a little bit about my friend Brian Keith Voiles.

Brian's passion is copywriting. If he's sitting at his computer all day writing ads and sales letters for his clients, he's as happy as a clam. And Brian is very happy. Because he's been doing a lot of writing lately. During the last four weeks, Brian has signed on five new clients at $35000.00 each!!!

And, his "Advertising Magic Course" was directly responsible for him signing on three of those new clients!…

You see, here's what happens:

People buy Brian's "Advertising Magic Course." Once they get his Course, they read through his huge 3-ring binder Manual, listen to his Audio CDs, and watch the DVD. Then, after reviewing his Course, they realize what a GREAT copywriter he is!

So what do they do? They hire Brian to write their advertising! (Brian's "Ad Magic Course" gets him a lot of new clients.)

Now, as I mentioned earlier, writing ads and sales letters is Brian's passion. Marketing and selling his Course is not. Actually, nowadays, Brian just doesn't use his time to promote his Course… He's too busy writing advertising copy for his clients! (Although, he still gets a steady flow of orders for his Course.)

So a while back, Brian and I had a discussion about him offering a limited number of Reprint Rights "Licenses" to his "Advertising Magic Home Study Course." We talked about how offering the Reprint Rights to just a handful of Licensees would…

Allow these Licensees to make some easy money selling his Course, which would…

  Get more of Brian's Courses into the marketplace, which would…

  Get Brian more new clients. (And really, that's what Brian wants -- new clients -- at $35,000.00 each! -- so he can spend all of his time writing.)

Now if Brian were to offer Reprint Rights to his Course, the people that acquired these Rights would gain all the benefits of owning a winning product

"WITHOUT going through all the time and
hassles of creating one!"

You see, Brian spent one entire year just writing the Manual for his Course. (This is one HUGE Manual!) It's a how-to "encyclopedia" jam-packed with over 400 pages of proven direct-response advertising and copywriting techniques! Writing this Manual was a monumental project for Brian.

Then… after writing the HUGE "Ad Magic" Manual, Brian wrote the script for, recorded, and produced all of the Audio CDs for his Course. Once Brian developed his Course, he wrote five separate sales letters selling the Course. (He wanted to test five letters against each other.)

Now think about this:

Here's one of the country's top copywriters sitting down to write five sales letters for his new "Advertising Magic Home Study Course" -- after he spent one full year creating it! You can bet that these were going to be some KILLER sales letters. And they were!

One of the five sales letters did exceptionally well. (This is the letter I use to sell Brian's Course… and it's the one you can use, too!) It's a KILLER sales letter! It's got a track record of pulling in orders like crazy! One time Brian mailed this letter to a mailing list, and 12% of the people on the list bought his Course! Imagine that! A 12% RESPONSE RATE!!!

There's no doubt about it, the 8-page sales letter that sells "Advertising Magic" is a cash-generating blockbuster! It's been tested and proven over and over again. It works -- both in print form, and on the Internet as a "sales letter style" website!

Brian and I have made (and continue to make!) a TON of money selling "Advertising Magic."

And now you can, too!

You see, Brian has agreed to offer a limited number of Reprint Rights "Licenses" to his "Advertising Magic Home Study Course." And because you are a preferred Group M customer (who understands the benefits of owning Reprint Rights), Brian and I are inviting you to have an opportunity to acquire the Rights to this gold mine!

And to ensure your success, Brian will GIVE you the Reprint & Use Rights to his...

"KILLER sales letter that sells AD MAGIC for you!"

PLUS… As a Licensee of this product, you'll get a FREE custom-designed "sales letter style" website that sells this product for you on the Internet!

You also get a proven e-mail and postcard  toolbox you can use to drive people to your site!

And… you can get the Reprint Rights to Brian's Course and sales letter, at a very affordable price. (For much less than what he charges to write a single sales letter!)

When you own a Reprint Rights License to this Course, you can duplicate and sell the Course as many times as you like -- forever! And, you'll never have to pay any royalties or on-going fees. You own the product, and you keep all the profits. And with "Advertising Magic," you get to keep a lot of profits!

Take a look at the profits you make:

"Advertising Magic" will only cost you about $26 to ship to your customers. Brian has sold the Course for as much as $495 with good results. I currently sell it to small business owners (which there are over 25+ million of in the U.S.) for $327 with remarkable success! This means…

If you sell the course for $327,
you earn $301 on each sale!!!

Sell just 10 of these Courses each month… and you earn over $3,000!

Sell 50 a month… you pocket over $15,000!!

Sell 100 in a month… (which I have done on a few occasions!) and you earn over $30,000!!!

And you won't have any problems finding customers for the course. Because ANYONE who spends money on advertising (including anyone who has a website) is a qualified prospect for the "Ad Magic" Course, and they really should own it! There are more than 25 million small business owners in the U.S. alone who are prime prospects for this Course. FYI… I've sold this Course to people all over the world!

One way you can easily sell the Course is by marketing it to businesses that spend money on advertising, or who own a website. To get an idea of which businesses spend money on advertising, just look inside your daily newspaper… or in your local Yellow Pages… or surf the Internet. (Then, send these businesses a copy of the sales letter that sells the Ad Magic Course for you… or you can send them the lead-generation postcard or e-mail that drives them to your "Ad Magic" website!)

One Licensee has already done extremely well selling the "Advertising Magic Course" to Members of the local Chamber of Commerce in his home town! Keep in mind, this course also sells very well to people who have websites on the Internet.

The bottom line is this:

You can make a LOT of money selling "Advertising Magic!" There's a BIG, hungry market out there for advertising "know-how". And when you own a License to this Course, you become the supplier of that know-how. 

Here's what you get when you own Reprint Rights to the "Advertising Magic Course":

1. You get unlimited Reprint & Duplication Rights to the complete "Advertising Magic Home Study Course." This includes the 402-page, 3-ring binder Manual, six Audio CDs, and a DVD.

2. You get Reprint Rights to the killer sales letter and order form.  Remember, this letter has already been tested and proven for you! You mail it, you make money! It's that simple.

3. You get a sales letter-style Website that sells the "Ad Magic Course" for you. It's a proven fact that simple "sales letter style" websites are among the most profitable and productive sites on the Internet! The custom-designed site you'll have, fully operational for you within 5 days, contains the full sales letter, testimonials, and an order form, and your customers can order online, or by printing out the form to fax or mail in. If you paid a Web Page Designer to start from scratch and create a website like this for a product of your own, you would easily shell out $1,000.00 or more. You even get ONE FULL YEAR hosting of your site FREE, before you begin paying the small $14.95 monthly charge (at your option).

4. You get Reprint Rights to a lead-generation postcard. Send this postcard to business owners and website owners directing them to your website that sells the "Ad Magic Course" for you. (This is one of my favorite marketing secrets!... Mailing cheap, inexpensive postcards to business owners driving them to my "sales letter style" website that sells the product for me! It gets great results -- quickly and inexpensively.) You can also use the postcard to generate leads for the "print" version of the sales letter. We show you how to do this!

5. You get a "How-To Operations Guide" that shows you step-by-step how to sell the "Ad Magic Course" both online and offline.

6. You get Reprint Rights to all of Brian's glowing testimonials. (Testimonials from Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, and Bob Serling just to name a few.)

7. You get a "Certificate of Duplication & Reprint Rights" certifying you OWN a License to everything listed above.

8. You get camera-ready copies of the book, 8-page sales letter, CD box covers, and other printed materials.

9. You get "professional grade" Master copies of the 6 Audio CDs and the DVD ready to take to your fulfillment center.

10. All the order fulfillment is handled for you, if you wish. I've arranged for you to get product fulfillment from the very same fulfillment company we use -- at my rock-bottom costs -- and you buy NO INVENTORY in advance; you simply order "onesy-twosy" as needed... they ship direct to your customer... you never have to handle a product, pack a box, deal with UPS.

11. And, you get a 30-minute Coaching Call with our in-house Direct Marketing Coaching Expert. If you have any questions about online or offline marketing, mailing lists, or whatever, just call us. We will do whatever we can to help you succeed. You are not alone with this money-making project.

As you can see, you get a LOT more than just Reprint Rights. You get a complete ready-to-go package that gives you everything you need to succeed! There's nothing left to chance and there's nothing for you to guess about.

It's Never Going To Get Any Easier Than This
To Make Money Online And Offline!

If you're looking for a sure-fire way of making some serious money with almost no effort required, then THIS IS IT! The "Advertising Magic Home Study Course" is a HOT product with a proven track record! It's extremely profitable! And, with the FREE Website you get, it can run on full auto-pilot… for many, many years!

Right now, you can own permanent Duplication & Reprint Rights to the entire Advertising Magic Package for a one-time investment of just $1,997.

And this is a bargain! Here's why:

You see, we could (and maybe should) charge at least $1,997 just to use the sales letter... because it is a proven money-maker! Any decent copywriter would charge you a minimum of $5,000.00 to write a sales letter of this caliber. (Brian would charge you $35,000.00.)

But, for the one time investment of $1,997, you get the Reprint Rights to the sales letter... PLUS, you get Reprint Rights to the most comprehensive Course ever written on the subject of advertising that includes a GIANT 3-ring binder Manual, 6 Audio CDs, a DVD, the e-mails, the postcards, testimonials, and the order form! And, you also get the Website that sells the Course for you with one year of FREE hosting. You get it all for much, much less than what you would pay to have just one sales letter written for you.

You can use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. And to make it easy, you can use our "Easy Installment Plan." This allows you to pay in three equal monthly installments of $697.

Remember, once you own the Duplication & Reprint Rights, there are no on-going royalties or fees. And, there is no limit to the number of Courses you can sell! You own the product and you keep all the profits!

There Are Only 35 Reprint Rights "Licenses" Available!

If you're interested in this rare opportunity, you need to take action right away! There were originally 35 Reprint Rights Licenses available to "Advertising Magic." But, nine of the 35 licenses were recently sold -- from a very small test e-mail campaign!

This page is also being sent as a sales letter, on a much larger scale to Group M's top customers around the world. And based on the exceptional results we got from our small test campaign, the remaining 24 Licenses will sell-out quickly!

Do NOT Miss Out On THIS Opportunity Even If You Have To Walk Barefoot And Naked Across The Death Valley Desert In 120-Degree Heat To Grab It!

Right now, you've got a chance to own total Reprint & Duplication Rights to a proven, cash generating product….. a product that's already been developed and tested for you.

And on top of that, you get the Reprint Rights to the money-making sales letter, postcard, and Website that's proven itself time and time again to sell the living daylights out of this Course! This sales letter and Website can put a flood of money into your bank account -- FAST!

Your success and profit potential is only limited by your ability to take action.

The Reprint Rights to this package will be gone in a flash! If you're really serious about securing your financial future, you can't wait. Click Here To Safely And Securely Order Your License Online.

Before you know it, you'll be making some serious money, with very little effort!


Collin Almeida

Collin Almeida

P.S. Remember, you get unlimited Reprint & Duplication Rights to the "Advertising Magic Home Study Course," the sales letter, Website, lead-generation e-mails and postcards, amazing testimonials, and more.

You get a "turn-key" package that's already been developed, tested, and proven for you! And with the Website, you can start receiving orders immediately -- day and night -- automatically!

P.S.#2: Any business or individual that spends money on advertising is a qualified prospect for this Course. Right now, you can be one of just 35 "Licensees" to cash-in on this massive and lucrative market!

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